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Doggy day care is a great way for your dog to sped their day. It engages their mind and get them plenty of exercise. Additionally, it gives them a chance to socialize with other dogs so they can become a more well-rounded companion.

Our environment allows the daycare dogs to spend their time in our indoor play area with soft synthetic turf and plumbing and drainage. This allow us to clean up their potty immediately. Our air-conditioned facility allows playtime all the time regardless if it is rain or shine.

We specialize in small to medium dogs for safety and comfort. So, no worries that your 9-pound toy poodle will get mixed in with an 80-pound German Shepherd.

Additionally, we have 2 play areas which allow us to separate the pups by size and temperament.

Let us know if you want your dog to socialize, exercise, play, relax or all of the above and we will make it happen!


We offer 1/2 days of daycare (5 hours or less) and full day of daycare. We also have different daycare packages to fit you and out pup's needs. 


1st Day Free! (Meet & Greet)  (View Details)

For residents within 10 miles of us we offer free 1st day of daycare where we perform a meet and greet and a temperament test to see if we are the best fit for your pup.

For residents outside of 10 miles, the 1st day of daycare will be charged at the regular daycare rate,.The additional charge maybe waived, if a 5-day package was purchased at which a credit will be used instead. 

Daycare Packages

Buying daycare credits will save you money. The larger the package the greater the savings.  Having daycare packages allow you EZ Checkout and priority reservations. You can reserve up to 14 days and up to two reservations. Daycare packages can be used as full days or half days. Full day uses 1 daycare credit and half days uses 0.8 daycare credits. There is a 5-day credit package or a 15 day credit package to choose from, they expire 30 days and 90 days, respectively. 

Reservations and Cancellations


  • Pets must weigh less than 50 pounds at full maturity. Got a puppy?

  • Pets must be 4 months or older. 

  • Pets must be vaccinated for Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP more than 14 days prior. 

  • Pets older than 6 months must be spayed.

  • Pets must pass a meet and greet evaluation on their 1st day of daycare.

Daycare packages can be used non-consecutively. 

Daycare packages expires 3 month from date of purchase.​

Full day of daycare = 1 Daycare Credit

1/2 day of daycare = 0.8 Daycare Credit

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