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Pricing depends on breed and weight. 

Our Bath and Brush Out includes shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning, anal glands, a nail trim, and a brush out.


Pricing depends on breed and weight.

Our grooming includes everything from our Bath and Brush Out.

For any grooming appointment we ask that you give us a 3-4 hour window. However we understand that sometimes you may not have the time. Because of this we offer an Express Grooming option. 

Express Grooming cuts the grooming window down to 1-2 hours and allows you to pick up your pet much sooner. 

Additional Services:

Dematting                                 starts at $15

Deshedding Package                             $25

Teeth Brushing                                        $15

Nail Trimming                                          $15

Express Grooming                                  $25

Please give us a call to get an estimate on your bath or groom