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$15 For Your Poop!

goldendoodle sitting on synthetic turf at dog den

Fecal test is an important test that helps to determine whether your pet is carrying any parasites in their system, such as Giardia, a highly contagious disease that can be fatal if left untreated.  Most doggy daycares do not require regular fecal tests as pets can pick up parasites very easily, from a infected fecal matter or a water bowl at a dog park. Often, these diseases have an incubation period so by the time you notice any symptoms such as diarrhea they have already been infecting other pets for the last few weeks.

Fighting the spread of these diseases is a team effort. So, to help our customers offset some of the financial burden of performing these tests regularly, Do Den will offer you $15 credit towards your pet’s next daycare or boarding stay.

  • ​Fecal test must be negative.

  • Must present proof of negative fecal test from the vet's office at time of redemption.

  • Fecal test must be done within the last 10 days.

  • $15 must be used the same day it was redeemed.

  • Customers with daycare credits can also convert the $15 to 0.5 Daycare Credits.

  • This offer may only be redeemed once every 60 days.

  • Offer ends 11/30/2021.

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