Terms and Conditions


  • Weight Limits

    • Dog Den do not discriminate against breed, but we do have a weight limit of 50 lbs for daycare for safety and comfort of all dogs. 

  • Daycare Credits​

    • Expires 1 year from date of purchase.​

  • Refunds

    • Daycare packages maybe refunded within 90 days of purchase.​

    • The refund amount will be determine by the total paid less the number of daycare days used at the regular rates ($35/days, as of 11/01/2019) 


  • Weight Limits

    • Dog Den do not discriminate against breeds but we require a first day of daycare for all 1st time boarding dogs that weighs 40 lb or more. This allows us to do a temperament test to see if we are a good fit for your dogs. and get the acclimated to our facility before the day of boarding.

    • Dogs that weigh over 50 may have limited group play time due to safety concerns. 

  • Deposits

    • 60% deposit is required for all boarding stays longer than 5 nights.​

    • Deposits are also required for all stays during the holidays, dates, regardless of the number of stays,  including:

      • 7/1-7/9

      • 11/16-12/1

      • 12/20 -1/5

  • Cancellation​​

    • 100% deposit will be refunded if cancelled more than 15 days before the drop-off day. ​

    • 50% deposit will be refunded if cancelled more than 3 days before the drop-off day.

    • No deposit refund if cancelled less than 72 hours before the drop-off day.

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