Frequently Asked Questions


    Q1: Which vaccinations does Dog Den require?

    A1:  We require Bordetella, Rabies, Parvo and Distemper.

    Q2: I am just taking my dog here for a nail trim, do I need all these vaccinations?

    A2: Yes, we require our clients to have all the vaccinations in order to partake in any Dog Den services, including

    daycare, boarding and grooming. Some viruses are transmitted by air, so even if there isn’t any direct contact dogs

    can still contract a virus if it is present.

    Q3: Distemper? Parvo? My vaccination paperwork does not show these two vaccines but my vet said my dog has

     the shots already.

    A3: Distemper and Parvo vaccines are usually combed together in one shot. On your paperwork it will be reflected

     as DAPP, DHPP or DHLPP.



    Q1: Is there a limit to how many days my dog can stay overnight at Dog Den?

    A1: There is no limit! Stay 3 nights or 3 months, the choice is yours! However, we do require a 60% deposit upon

    check-in for stays that are longer than 5 nights.

    Q1: What should I bring for my dog’s overnight boarding stay at Dog Den?

    A1: Dog Den provides everything your dog needs for a comfortable stay, including:       

                       - Food*

                       - Water

                       - Bowls

                       - Bedding

                       - Treats                                   ​

    However, you are more than welcome to bring your own food or bedding. We recommend bringing things they

    are familiar with so your dogs will feel more at ease. For my dog it would be my socks (Yes, it’s an acquired taste…)


     *We strongly recommend bringing your own food especially for shorter stays . This way, your dogs will not have

     to transition to our food then transition back to its normal food. We also charge $1/meal up to 2 cups. Then

     $1/ cup after that.

    Q3: My dog is not fixed, will that effect their playtime at Dog Den?

    A1: We require pets to be spayed or neutered after 9 months. Pets older than 9 months that are not fixed will have

     limited group playtime. Speak to a Dog Den associate for more details.

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