Overnight Boarding

Whether you are going on a vacation for a few days or just want a quiet weekend at home, send Fido to Dog Den!  Not only will they get a good night's rest but they'll be able to hang out with the pack in the day.


Our most basic accommodation measures 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet.The stainless steel construction ensures a clean enclosure for your pet. we add blankets and cushions to make their stay even more pleasant. The enclosure's door is made with see through acrylic allowing plenty of light and visibility for the dog to see outside. 


Our deluxe room are for those who wants seeks the most comfortable accommodation for their pups.  The space measures 3 ft (W) x 5ft (D) x 6 ft (H). The sound resistant wall and ceiling, along with the room's own ventilation fan gives your dog the best possible rest with a steady white noise and sound reduction. The rooms are also set with wood floors to give the pups a more cozy at-home feeling. The premium rooms can also be equipped  with a Live Web Cam with 2 way audio streaming for an additional charge of $5/night. So, not only can you see them from our mobile device, but you can hear them and they can hear you!

There are only 7 premium rooms available, and they get booked out quick!

Dogs Between 50 - 75 lbs

While our focus are on small to medium breeds under 50 lbs we may still take on dogs for boarding up to 75 lbs. the only type of accommodations that are available to them are our standard options or standard large black crates, but the rates for the premium rooms will apply.  There will be no additional dog discount for dogs in this weight class. Lastly, the socialization time with other dogs maybe limited. 

Big dog and small dogs will be separated at ALL times. 


Drop off - After 12 PM | Pick Up - Before 12 PM

Drop Off or Pick Ups outside the times above may incur a 1/2 day of daycare fee.





*Free Exit Bath is shampoo and quick brush out only. Maybe upgraded to a standard bath and brush which includes shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and gland expression for an addition cost. Check with a Dog Den representative for quotation. 

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