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Pet Etiquette and Behavioral Reinforcement 

While your pets are at the Dog Den daycare or boarding, not only do they get to play and socialize with their friends but they learn basic pet manners and reinforce good behaviors:


Sit – Sometimes your special pups get really excited to see you or your guest. Mastering the command sit can be the key to calming your pup in a high excitement moment or just for showing off!

No Jumping! – Pets jumping on us is one of the most common behaviors that people crave to break especially when your pet has some hops! Dog Den consistently discourages this behavior 

three dogs in the play area at a doggy daycare

throughout the day. We do this by walking towards the dog while not making eye contact as they jump. Then reward them once they stop jumping and sit. This simple maneuver can easily be done at home and most pets will get the idea within a few jumps.


Wait then Enter: Opening doors are extremely exciting for our pups as they wait by the door all day just for us to open the door and greet them. Sometimes this excitement around doors becomes an issue especially when your pup is jumping in front of the door. At Dog Den, we encourage your pup, when a door is encountered, to sit, wait and then when the door is fully open to enter. This technique helps us to put your pups leash and collar back on at the end of the day. As well as keep your pup from becoming uncontrollable upon pick up time. 


Sit, Wait, Eat: Food is a touchy subject for some pups with resource guarding or food induced excitement. Dog Den helps dogs be more calm before devouring their food. We wait for pups to sit, wait and then when they appear calm, we serve your pup and allow them to eat. At first this technique will take some time but will become second nature to your pup. Pets tend to be more encouraged to learn when food is involved. 


Overall, Dog Den is striving to improve your pups behavior and help you become an impressive pet owner with minimal efforts!

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