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Dog Den - 2023 Towel Drive is Here! $1 to Rescue for Every Towels We Receive!

Dog Den is proud to announce that our Towel Drive is finally here! This event was very successful the last time we ran it a couple years ago and we’ll be doing it this year for the whole month of May 2023! All proceeds will benefit Labradors and Friends Rescue! Simply, bring your towels into Dog Den during our normal business house.

  • Towels bust me full sized bath towels.

  • Towels must be clean.

  • Towels can be new or used.

Dog Den Store Hours

Mon - Fri: 7:45AM to 12PM & 1PM to 7PM

Sat: 7:45AM to 1PM & 1PM to 5PM

Sun: 8AM to 10AM & 5PM to 7PM

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