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Dog Den - Store Hours & Policy Updates - Effective 6/1/2023

Updated: May 31

Daycare & Boarding

  • Any pets picked up after normal store hours will incur a charge of $20 per 10 minutes after the store’s regular closing hour with a minimum of $20. Daycare credits may not be used to cover this charge.

  • Pets that have soiled their rooms and require a foot/ belly bath will be charged $10 per occurrence.


  • Early drop off and late pick up charges will apply on Sundays.

  • Holiday rate of $5 per dog will be applied to any major holidays.

Store Hours

  • Monday to Saturday: 7:45AM to 12PM & 1PM to 7PM

  • Sunday: 9AM to 11AM & 5PM:to7PM

  • Daycare dogs' playtime will be limited after 5PM as we start the end of day cleaning and prepare boarding dogs for bedtime.

Holiday Hours

No daycare on holidays.

We will continue to offer boarding on days we are closed to the public.

  • Memorial Day: Mon 5/29/23: 9AM to 11AM & 5PM to 7PM

  • Day before 7/4: Mon 7/3/23: 9AM to 11AM &5PM to 7PM

  • Independence Day: Tue 7/4/23: 9AM to 11AM &5PM to 7PM

  • Labor Day: Mon 9/4/2023: 9AM to 11AM &5PM to 7PM

  • Thanksgiving Day: Thu 11/23/23: Closed

  • Christmas Eve: Sun 12/24/23: 9AM to 11AM

  • Christmas Day: Mon 12/25/23: Closed

  • New Year’s Eve: Sun 12/31/23: 9AM to 11AM

  • New Year’s Day: Mon 1/1/24: Closed

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