Internship Testimonials

See what the students say about their experience with Dog Den's internship program.

Alicen Z.. | Canyon Hills HS | Senior | Winter 2021 | 145 Hours Completed

Raigan J. | Canyon Hills HS | Junior | Winter 2021 | 180 Hours Completed















Lauren L. | Canyon Hills HS | Senior | Winter 2021 | 180 Hours Completed



"Hello! My name is Alicen and I have been interning at Dog Den for the past three months. I can honestly say that it is a great way for any high schooler to gain job experience as well as volunteer hours. You not only get to hangout with dogs all the time (and who wouldn’t want to do that), but also you gain lots of skills that can be applied to any job in the future. Some of the activities we did with the dogs included giving them baths, brushing them out, playing with them, making sure everyone gets along, and more. We also got to do more things like working on the website, interacting with the customers, and becoming familiar with excel which I feel are great assets to have when looking for a job in the future. I felt that the number of hours per week was very manageable with all my schoolwork and extracurriculars.  One of the things I appreciated most about the internship was that they were very flexible with hours because they understand that we are high schoolers who have test and finals we need to study for. Interning at Dog Den is also a great way to gain experience with animals and I would highly recommend this internship to any animal lover!

"As an intern at Dog Den, you learn many things. Customer service, organization, and time management skills are just a few examples of what this internship has taught me. The management created a very relaxed environment that I felt comfortable learning in; part of that learning process, for me, was making mistakes, forgetting to do things, or simply doing things wrong. When these things inevitably happened, it was never a big deal. I was told to simply remember what I did and figure out how to improve for next time, something I truly appreciated. I would definitely recommend applying for this internship to other high school students, especially to those who don’t have much work experience. I think this is a great place to start in the “professional world,” and I never regretted applying, nor did I ever dread having to come into work. If anything, I was excited to see which dogs I would get to see every day!"

Interning at Dog Den has been an incredible experience and provided me with a lot of knowledge that I could use later in life as a veterinarian. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of wonderful people and their dogs, as well as learn more about what goes into running a small business. I would highly recommend this internship for people who enjoy working with dogs and are seeking to work with animals or even having their own business in the future.

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