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Got Towel?

Help a local rescue by donating a bath towel today!

We are hosting a towel drive! Come over to Dog Den and donate any used bath towels that you could find in your household any day between 6/28/21 to 7/31/21. For every used bath towel that we receive we will donate $1 to the Labradors and Friends Rescue Group!

  • Bath towels must be full size

  • Come any day between 6/28/21 to 7/31/21

Labradors and Friends Rescue Group is a dog rescue that helps save the lives of homeless Labradors, Labrador-mixes, and Labrador "friends" from kill-shelters all across California and the southwest. This rescue has had a lifesaving rate of 98% and takes in about 350 dogs annually. Over the past few years, Labradors and Friends Rescue Group has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of senior dogs that require medical attention and are in need of rescue from kill-shelters. Therefore, Labrador and Friends Rescue Group recognizes the dogs in need of rescue and gives them the attention they need until they are placed into their forever loving homes.

Contact Labrador and Friends Rescue Group:

Phone Number: (619) 990-7455

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